OBA Policies


OBA is adhering to the required Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.
Please read and join us in complying with the following:


DO NOT send your dancer to the OBA studio if they, or someone they have been exposed to,

has had the following within the past 14 days;

- Coughing, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

- Exhaustion, an unusual excessive tiredness not relieved by sleep

- Temperature above normal

- Diarrhea or vomiting 

- Loss of smell and/or taste

- Recent overseas travel

- Pink eye


Required measures for students and families:

1. Families will be asked not to enter the building, and to drop off and pick up their dancers at the door. 

2. Families are asked to check their child's temperature prior to bringing them to OBA

3. Students will be required to wash their hands immediately upon entering the building and after class.

4. Students will be asked to maintain “social distance” of 6’ between each other.

5. Families will be asked to make their registrations and tuition payments online. Staff will be available for any questions by phone or email.

6. Students will not be allowed to use the office phone. Staff can place a call for a student if necessary.

7. Students should bring their own water bottles.

8. Restrooms will be for student use only. 

9. Staff will not be able to assist with hair or loan out uniform items.

10. Masks or face coverings are required for all over the age of 5 unless the individual has a medical exemption.




1. Staff will sanitize ballet barres, door knobs, and all surfaces in the studio and common areas after each class.

2. Hand sanitizer will be provided for students.

3. There will be taped off places on the barre for students to maintain 6’ distancing.

4. There will be no hand holding or partner work in class. 

5. Teachers will wear face coverings when working with students.

6. Face coverings for students over the age of 5 are mandatory unless student has a medical exemption.


There are three semesters per year in addition to summer programs. Tuition each semester will vary according to the number of weeks in that session.



Tuition is payable in full at registration. Payment plans may be available for students attending more than one class per week or for a family with more than one student attending. There are NO TUITION REFUNDS (except in the case of physical impairment, requiring a doctor's note). No credit is given for missed classes.  All classes will be billed, drop ins and add ons, even when invited by instructor. There is a one time registration fee for new students of $25.00.



Payment can be made by check, cash or credit card.

Drop off/Pick up

Please drop your dancers off no more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled class time. Pick up is promptly at the end of class time. The instructors and the office staff are not available for childcare. Any child under the age of 10 must be supervised when they are not in class. Please remind your children to wait inside our building and not to go outside without adult supervision.


A limited number of merit and need-based scholarships are available to advanced level students.  The number of awards available is dependent upon the amount of money which has been contributed to the Oregon Ballet Foundation scholarship fund in any given year. An application form is available through the office. Careful consideration will be given to all requests.  Scholarship students will be assigned work-study chores. In accepting a scholarship, a student agrees not to study at any other school and not to attend auditions or to accept any amateur or professional performing engagement without the official approval of the School. Scholarship students represent Oregon Ballet Academy and our scholarship students are not permitted to represent themselves independently, or represent any other dance studio at competitions or workshops. 



Each dancer progresses at an individual rate. The age requirements accompanying each level are guidelines only. Students will be notified by their instructor when they are ready to move up to the next level of training. When invited to try a higher level those classes will be billed accordingly.


Make-Up Classes

Students are encouraged to make-up missed classes. Make-up classes may be done in the same level or one level lower than the registered class. Discuss with the office to schedule. Tuition is not pro-rated for missed classes.



Lower School

Girls: Black or pink leotard (please make sure it is ballet pink), pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers. Hair in a bun.

Boys: Boys: Black tights, white T-shirt, white or black ballet slippers.

Upper School

Girls: Black leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers. No jewelry, skirts, sweaters or leg-warmers are permitted. 

Boys: Black tights, white T-shirt, white or black ballet slippers.

Hair color must be a natural hair color. Hair in a bun. Hair must be pulled back off of the face for all genders. Please don't come to class wearing face paint.  



Our annual Spring Concert is held in the spring towards the end of the school year.  Participation is not mandatory.  Costume fees typically run no more than $75.  In the Fall, partnered with Oregon Ballet Foundation, we do a classic children's production such as the Nutcracker,  Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake or Snow White.  Typically there will be a participation fee, usually no more than $75. Costumes are the property of the Oregon Ballet Foundation so that they can be used in future productions.  Participation in performances is contingent upon adequate attendance during class time and also during any extra required rehearsal time.


Class Observation

Parents are welcome (but not required) to stay and observe class.  A viewing window is available, however we ask that viewers be discrete so as not to distract the dancers.  We ask that visitors be respectful by keeping conversation and children quiet in the lobby area while classes are in session. 


Student Code of Conduct.

Standards for Student Conduct --

  • When using dressing rooms, lobby/lounge, and bathroom areas students are expected to clean up after themselves.

  • Since our studio is shared space we ask that all students be aware that people of all ages are often present. We ask that older students be aware that they are setting the example for younger students, and reflect wise choices in both their language and behavior.

  • Cell phones need to stay put away in the student's bag. Cell phones are only to be used to contact parents or in case of emergency. 

  • Dancers are to arrive on time and prepared for classes. This includes wearing proper attire as specified for class.

  • Older dancers are encouraged to arrive a bit early for class to begin stretching and warming up.

  • In the event that a dancer is late and class has already started, the dancer is to come into the studio and wait by the door for the teacher to acknowledge them and give them instructions. Dancers arriving severely late may be asked to sit out of class to reduce the risk of injury after missing warm up.

  • As a matter of respect for dance peers and the teacher, dancers are to keep talking to a minimum during class and participate fully in the lesson.

  • No food or drink is permitted within the studios.

  • Gum is prohibited during class.

  • Dancers who consistently refuse to follow directions, are disrespectful to the teacher and/ or their classmates may be asked to sit out of class. The teacher will give the student a warning in class at the time of the first infraction. If the behavior continues a second time the studio will email the parents to discuss a solution. If the behavior continues to be a problem the student might be asked to drop the class. OBA will call the parents to meet in person if this is the case.

  • Consistency IS important! Plan your time wisely so that you can attend all of your dance classes each week.

  • Students should be picked up promptly after class.

  • Be advised we will not watch siblings of dancers before, during or after classes.

  • We are not responsible for students before and after their class time, and after they exit the studio.

  • Please instruct your child to remain inside the building for the duration of their time at OBA.

  • Respect the property of others.

  • Refrain from public displays of affection (see below).

  • Adhere to the requirements of the Student Code of Conduct.

Displays of Affection: Students demonstrating affection between each other is personal and not meant for public display. This includes hand holding, touching, massaging, kissing, hugging, or any other intimate contact. Such behavior may result in suspension or expulsion from the studio.


School Closings

OBA will close for 4j Spring Break, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Thanksgiving weekend.

For more information about Registration, click here or contact us: info@oregonballetacademy.com or call 541-338-7800

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